Legacy Products

Producto obsoletoProducto de sustituciónImpacto
Número de piezaDescripción del productoNúmero de piezaDescripción del productoPanel config.Diseño del sistemaValor EOL/R
54000-927Series 90 Call Point Monitor55000-760Mini Switch Monitor
54000-929Series 90 Control Unit Monitor55000-843Switch Monitor
54000-701Series 90 Ionisation Smoke Monitor55000-500 & 45681-210XP95 Ionisation Smoke Detector
54000-901Series 90 Manual Call Point55100-905XP95 Manual Call Point
54000-601Series 90 Optical Smoke Monitor55000-600 & 45681-210XP95 Optical + Standard Baseyes
54000-920Series 90 Single Channel Input/Output55000-847Input/Output Unit (with Isol)yes
54000-928Series 90 Sounder Circuit Controller55000-852Sounder Control Unit (Isol)yes
54000-926Series 90 Switch MonitorUnit55000-843Switch Monitor (with Isol)yes
54000-401Series 90 Temperature Monitor55000-400 & 45681-210XP95 Heat + Standard Baseyes
54000-922Series 90 Three Channel Input/Output55000-5883 Ch Input/Output Unit (Isol)yes
54000-924Series 90 Three Channel Input/Output (Analogue)NoneNo Equivalentyes
54000-925Series 90 Zone Monitoring Unit55000-845Zone Monitor Unit (with Isol)yes
54000-930Series 90 Shop Unit MonitorVarious2x ZMU + SCU or 2x SMU + OUyesyesyes
55000-265XP95 Beam55000-268/273XP95 Reflective Beamyesyes
55000-826DIN Rail Sndr Control Unit (Superseded)55000-182DIN Rail Sndr Control Unit (5 Amp)
55000-818Input/Output Unit (Surf)55000-847Input/Output Unit (with Isol)yes
55000-5893 Ch Input/Output Unit55000-5883 Ch Input/Output Unit (Isol)yes
55000-833Mini Switch Monitor55000-760Mini Switch Monitor with Isolator (NEW)yes
55000-832Mini Switch Monitor (with Int)55000-760Mini Switch Monitor with Isolator (NEW)yes
55000-819Output Unit (Surf)55000-849Output Unit (with Isol)yes
55000-823Sounder Control Unit (Surf)55000-852Sounder Control Unit (Isol)yes
55000-810Switch Monitor (Surf)55000-843Switch Monitor (with Isol)yes
55000-809Switch Monitor + (Surf)55000-841Switch Monitor + (with Isol)yes
55000-813Zone Monitor Unit (Surf)55000-845Zone Monitor Unit (with Isol)yesyes
45681-32120D Isolating Base45681-284Isolating Base
55000-910XP95 MCP55100-905XP95 MCP
55000-905XP95 MCP (surface)55100-905XP95 MCP
55000-906XP95 MCP (flush)55100-905XP95 MCP
55000-950XP95 Weatherproof MCP58100-950Discovery Weatherproof MCPyes
55000-940XP95 IS MCP55100-940XP95 IS MCP
45681-261XP95 Base Sounder45681-265Intelligent Base Sounder
55000-261100dB Sounder (Red)55000-278100dB Sounder (Red)
53546-016XP95 Air Sampling Unit55000-022XP95 Duct Detectoryes
-XP95 Marine-Discovery Marineyes
29600-196Deck Head Mounting Box45681-217Deckhead Mounting Boxyes
29600-131Deck Head Mounting Box (Metal PG16)45681-217Deckhead Mounting Boxyes
29600-139Deck Head Mounting Box (Metal M20)45681-217Deckhead Mounting Boxyes
59000-605XPlorer Optical + Standard Base55000-600 & 45681-210XP95 Optical + Standard Baseyesyes
59000-606XPlorer Optical + LED Driver Base55000-600 & 45681-210XP95 Optical + Standard Baseyesyes
59000-607XPlorer Optical + Sounder Base55000-600 & 45681-276XP95 Optical + Ancillary Base Sounderyesyes
59000-405XPlorer Heat + Standard Base55000-400 & 45681-210XP95 Heat + Standard Baseyesyes
59000-406XPlorer Heat + LED Driver Base55000-400 & 45681-210XP95 Heat + Standard Baseyesyes
59000-407XPlorer Heat + Sounder Base55000-400 & 45681-276XP95 Heat + Ancillary Base Sounderyesyes
59000-415XPlorer High Temp Heat + Standard Base55000-401 & 45681-210XP95 High Temp Heat + Standard Baseyesyes
59000-416XPlorer High Temp Heat + LED Driver Base55000-401 & 45681-210XP95 High Temp Heat + LED Driver Baseyesyes
59000-417XPlorer High Temp Heat + Sounder Base55000-401 & 45681-276XP95 High Temp Heat + Ancillary Base Sounderyesyes
45681-275XPlorer Base Sounder (not sold separately)45681-276XP95 Ancillary Base Sounderyesyes
59000-910XPlorer MCP55100-905XP95 MCPyesyes
59000-820XPlorer Switch Monitor55000-760XP95 Switch Monitoryesyes
59000-810XPlorer Output Unit55000-849XP95 Output Unityesyes
59000-700XPlorer Isolator55000-720 & 45681-211XP95 Isolator & Baseyesyes
55000-200S60 Ion55000-217S65 Ion
55000-210S60 Integrating Ion55000-220S65 Integrating Ion
55000-305S60 Optical55000-317S65 Optical
55000-100S60 Heat G1 6055000-122S65 A1R Heat
55000-101S60 Heat G2 6555000-122/127S65 A1R or BR Heat
55000-102S60 Heat G3 7555000-127S65 BR Heat
55000-103S60 Heat R1 8055000-132S65 CR Heat
55000-104S60 Heat R2 10055000-137S65 CS Heat
45681-223S60 Relay Base45681-245S65 Relay Base
45681-360S60 Relay Base (Low Profile)45681-245S65 Relay Baseyes
45681-350S60 Zener Base45681-206S65 Sav-wire Base
45681-202S60 Sav-Wire45681-206S65 Sav-wire Base
53546-014S60 Air Sampling Unit53546-021S65 Duct Detectoryes
-S60 Marine (General)-Orbisyes
55000-200MARS60 Marine Base--yes
55000-212S60 IS IonORB-OH-53027-APOOrbis IS Multisensoryes
55000-213S60 IS Integrating IonORB-OH-53027-APOOrbis IS Multisensoryes
55000-110S60 IS Heat G1 60ORB-HT-51145-APOOrbis A1R heatyes
55000-111S60 IS Heat G2 65ORB-HT-51147-APOOrbis A2S heatyes
55000-112S60 IS Heat G3 75ORB-HT-51149-APOOrbis BR heatyes
55000-113S60 IS Heat R1 80ORB-HT-51153-APOOrbis CR heatyes
55000-114S60 IS Heat R2 100ORB-HT-51155-APOOrbis CS heatyes
45681-207S60 IS BaseORB-MB-50018-APOOrbis Timesaver IS baseyes