Orbis es una gama de detectores convencionales que ha sido desarrollada con una tecnología sofisticada que antes solo estaba disponible en detectores inteligentes. Orbis es una gama con un diseño moderno e incorpora una base de montaje que ahorra tiempo de instalación.

Key Features of Orbis include:

• Automatic drift compensation with DirtAlert ® warning

• Patented FasTest detectors ® which reduces the time taken to test

• SensAlert® sensor is not operating correctly uses a flashing LED to indicate that the sensor is not operating incorrectly 

• StartUp™ for fast commissioning

• Attractive and compact design

• Electrically compatible with Series 60 and Series 65

• Wide voltage and operating temperature ranges

• Algorithms for transient rejection

• Flashing LED option

• 360° visibility of LEDs

• Insect Resistant