XPander is Apollo's wireless intelligent detector range.

Detectors are often installed in buildings where wiring presents a challenge. This could be because the fabric of the building or its design will be negatively affected by the use of cables. It is sometimes very difficult to introduce cable runs into buildings which were not designed for the modern age. It is for these architecturally sensitive buildings that XPander has been developed.

XPander is a system in which individual detectors, call points and alarm devices communicate with the XP95 loop by radio signals. An interface is connected to the loop in the same way as any other interface, such as an Input/Output Unit.

The XPander technical literature is to be used in conjunction with the XPander training that we provide. It is at your own risk if you use this literature before attending the training course.

Please note up to 5 interfaces can be installed per site if more are required contact Apollo's Product Support team on 02392 492412 for approval prior to ordering.


Every XPander device is assigned an address and this address is recognised by the control panel in the same way as is the address of any device connected directly to the loop wiring.

The XPander range consists of:

• Optical Smoke Detector

• Multisensor Smoke Detector

• A1R Heat Detector

• CS Heat Detector

• Sounder

• Sounder Beacon

• Manual Call Point

• Interface Module


The inclusion of alarm devices such as the sounder beacon help make XPander systems compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.