Manual Call Points

Apollo's XP95 and Discovery manual call points have been designed to comply with European standard EN54─11:2001.

The call points (apart from IS call points) are supplied with Isolators. This means that additional isolation devices are not required on a system, saving both time and money. Non-isolated versions are also available.

In addition to being EN54─11 compliant, the call points include a number of features designed to make installation and testing quick, easy and cost effective. The call points:

  • Are loop-powered, saving wiring costs
  • Have a resettable element for fast testing and resetting of the device
  • Have bi-coloured LEDs to indicate fault and normal conditions
  • Feature 'plug and play' terminal connections for fast wiring
  • Allow wiring continuity testing before fitting

Each product is sold with a resettable element and a backbox for surface mounting.

The call points are Type A devices.