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Addressable devices are given an individual address so their exact location can be identified. See Analogue Addressable and XPERT Card for more information.

Addressable System

A system in which signals from detectors, manual call points or any other devices are individually identified at the control and indicating equipment.

Air Sampling Unit

A device used to detect smoke within ventilation systems.


The state which a device enters when a fire is detected, signalling an emergency.


An analogue signal is one which goes up and down steplessly. Analogue fire detectors are not restricted to two states - alarm/no alarm - as conventional detectors are.

Analogue Addressable

The term used to describe a fire detection system incorporating analogue detectors which are also identified by a number or 'address'.

Analogue addressable detectors provide location-specific information on the ambient level of smoke, heat or other product of combustion (eg carbon monoxide).

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This is an approval for products designed for use in hazardous areas. See also BASEEFA.