Apollo Mobile App

Apollo Fire Detector’s mobile app provides you with a version of the BS 5839-1 Guide to help you stay within the rules and regulations when installing any fire detectors and devices. In addition to the guide, there is an installation checklist enabling you to monitor what you have completed.

The Apollo app also features a DIL Switch and XPERT Card addressing system. Addressing the XPERT card can be done by inputting the address where you can find out which pips to remove, or alternatively if you have a pre-addressed XPERT card you can discover the address by selecting the removed pips. With the DIL Switch, you can find out the correct directions of switching to create the address you require, this process can also be reversed to discover the address of an already addressed unit.

The App can be downloaded onto your desired device by clicking on the links below:

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play